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Walter Seltzer – Producer

Richard Anderson – Actor

Betty Garrett – Actor

George Wallace – Actor

Delmar Watson – Actor

Robert Kinoshita – Art Department

Pierre Jalbert –Actor/Editor

Brainard Miller – Camera Department

John Valasek – Production Accountant

Nancy Richards – Reading Department

Jan Murree – Production Office

Don Jarel – Special Effects Department

Marcel Vercoutere – Special Effects Department

William Tuttle – Make up Department head

Robert Nudelman – Hollywood Preservationist

Additional interviews conducted by the authors

Roger Mayer – Vice President of Administration

Ben Cowitt – Vice President of Rental Facilities

Gary Martin – President of Studio Operations

Ralph Senesky – Director

Roger Corman – Director

Paul D. Marks - Director

John Landis – Director

Daniel Mayer Selznick – Producer

George M. Lehr – Producer

George Clayton Johnson – Screenwriter

Earl Hamner Jr. – Screenwriter

George W. Schenck - Screenwriter

Richard Schickel – Writer/Historian

Marsha Hunt – Actor

Debbie Reynolds – Actor

Fredd Wayne –Actor

Billy Blackburn – Actor

Rod Taylor – Actor

Warren Stevens – Actor

Robert Vaughn – Actor

Chris Soldo – Technician

Deborah Nadoolman – Costumer

Todd Fisher – Administrator

John Divola – Photographer

Randy Knox – Photographer

Eleanor Lyon – Photographer

David L. Friedman – Unit Photographer

David L. Snyder – Production Designer

James C. Christensen – Artist

John Thomas – Architectural Consultant

Robert Lane – Architect

Rudy Behlmer – Historian

George Feltenstein – Film Preservationist

Marc Wanamaker – Hollywood Historian

Leonard Maltin – Film Historian

Kevin Brownlow –Film Historian

Stan Taffel – Historian

Stuart Galbraith IV – Historian

Glenn Erickson – Historian

Bill Nelson – Researcher/Historian

Julie Lugo Cerra – Culver City Historian

Paul Mavis – Historian

Lou Valentino – Archivist